Life Enrichment

Love Where You Live

Our motto, “Love where you live,” is a philosophy you’ll find in everything The Promenade has to offer. Whether it’s doing the things you already love or pursuing new discoveries that engage your interests, you’ll have access to a variety of social programs and services. Some stimulate your mind, others exercise your body, but no matter what, they aim to bring all our residents closer together, bringing about a sense of community and belonging.

Life Enrichment Program

Enriching the Mind, Body, and Soul

At The Promenade, our residents are able to enjoy a wide range of social and recreational programs intended to bolster resident feelings of community and belonging. Our community holds events consistently, with many options related to maintaining a healthy and active social lifestyle, including:

  • Resident Organized Clubs, such as:
    • Card Clubs
    • Exercise Programs
    • Walking Clubs
    • Book Clubs
    • Men’s Clubs
  • Educational Programs
  • Happy Hour, Complete with Live Music and Dancing
  • Technology Rooms available to stay connected to Family and Friends
  • Off-Site Outings and Community Events
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